Cold water swimming is nothing but the act of swimming in a pool, lake or other cold water bodies. People are loving the experience of swimming in cold water. This might have been due to the health benefits and also the stress relief one can experience during this time. In this article, we are going to be learning about the reasons people are swimming in freezing cold water.

It helps your immunity


This is one of the most studies parts of cold water swimming where it was noticed that people have a boost of white blood cells which forced the body to react to the changing conditions. Over time, your body becomes very mobilised to the freezing water. There are many people who are participating in cold water which has helped them become less sick.

Helps with stress

The whole point of cold water swimming is to feel the sensation of the cold water touching your skin. This is one of the best ways to destress your mind and body. This helps one reduce the stress and allow you to feel better. This is one of the most optimal ways to stay resilient in stressful times which is one of the main reason it is known. Cold water swimming places some sort of stress on the body, which physically and mentally can be healing in many ways. There are many links which link cold water and stress reduction to have a more natural, calmer and relaxed effect.

It helps with burning calories

When in cold water, the heart has to work harder to keep everything warm, which overall burns more calories than swimming in hotter conditions. The idea is that when you are submerged in cold water your body temperature falls and the person has to act to keep the body cold which can allow the body to act and can have very cold swimming temperatures. This is one of the main reasons that you will notice that all of the swimmers are generally very thin.

Enhances your blood circulation

Woman swimming

Cold water swimming is one of the best ways to flush your veins, arteries and capillaries. It forces the blood to the surface and pushes the cold downwards. It helps warm extremities which can adapt us to the cold. This is an essential trick which will ensure that people can better cope with during harsh winters. The seasons become less of a health risk and more enjoyable.


It is a very notion that cold water can help increase libido. The cold water caused a dip and later boosted the estrogen and testosterone production, which helps one feel much more confident in one’s own skin. Also, there are many studies being conducted which can allow one to link cold water swimming to fertility.