Dear Aquatic Friends

We have the pleasure to invite all LEN member Federations to the European Junior Championships in Diving, Synchronised "Artistic" Swimming and Swimming 2018 to be held in the cities of Helsinki and Tampere as follows


25th June - 1st July, Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre, Helsinki

Synchronised swimming:

26th June - 1st July, Tampere Swimming Centre


4th - 8th July, Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre, Helsinki

Welcome to Finland and the beautiful cities of Helsinki and Tampere. Finnish Swimming Association is proud and honoured to host the Junior Championships.

EJC 2018 Organizing Committees in Helsinki and Tampere:

Jani Rusi (Chairman)
Eerika Laalo Häikiö (General Secretary FSA and Vice Chairman)
Pekka Laitinen (CEO Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre)
Nipa Avén (Director of  Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre)
Kurt Mikkola (LEN Honorary Member)
Ville Riekkinen (Director of the Swimming competition)
Jouni Seppänen (Director of the Diving competition)
Rolf Mikkola (EJC 2018 General Manager)
Kirsi Yrjölä (EJC 2018 Assistant)

Jari Räikkönen (Chairman)
Pekka P. Paavola (Sports Director, Tampere City)
Mikko Heinonen (Sports Manager, Tampere City)
Perttu Pesä (Visit Tampere CEO)
Kati Kukkonen (Tampere Fund Raising Society President)
Tuula Paavola (Venue Manager)
Maiju Ojala (Competition Manager)
Rolf Mikkola (EJC 2018 General Manager)
Kirsi Yrjölä (EJC 2018 Assistant)

FSA president Sami Wahlman and LEN president Paolo Barelli after signing the EJC 2018 contract
Paolo Barelli, LEN president


Message from the President

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the LEN Family let me welcome Finland back on board as host one of our major events, the junior European Championships in swimming, diving and synchronised swimming.

European athletes were always happy to take part in meets staged in Helsinki and Tampere as the superb facilities, the professional organisation, fine accommodation, great hospitality and last but not least the beautiful Nordic environment all has made the Finnish capital and Tampere city a very much desired destination for our community.

European Aquatics are enjoying a pretty good spell in recent years, our athletes achieve outstanding results year by year, making the Old Continent the most successful among all. This praises the commitment, dedication and expertise of our National Federations. Their efforts, the coaches’ and officials’ knowledge guarantee that Europe shall remain the dominant force on the international stage on the long term.

The Junior European Championships are fundamental tools in our progression: no other continent runs such high-level annual age-group competitions in aquatics as we do. These events, looking back to an extremely rich tradition, ensure unique opportunities for the future generations to take part in quality races, gain experience and get ready for the challenges the future beholds.

I am sure that Helsinki, the Finnish Swimming Federation and all Partners supporting the 2018 edition will deliver fantastic championships which will stay with all members of the LEN Family as another long-lasting, fond memory from Helsinki, Tampere and Finland.

Wish you all the best,

Paolo Barelli

LEN President

Sami Wahlman, FSA president


Welcome to Helsinki and Tampere 2018 and the LEN European Junior Championships in Swimming, Diving and Synchronised Swimming

Finnish Swimming Association is delighted and proud to host the LEN Junior Championships in Diving, Synchronised Swimming and Swimming to be held in the cities of Helsinki and Tampere.

The preparations and arrangements for the competitions are progressing favourably. Our partners and sponsors have made matters uncomplicated.  

We have a successful tradition organising major international competitions in Finland. For instance, Sprint European Championships took place in Espoo year 1992, and in the year 2000 European Championships in Swimming, Diving and Synchronised Swimming were arranged in the new Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre. We organized Short Course European Championships in Swimming in 2006. European Junior Championships in Swimming, Diving (Helsinki) and Synchronised Swimming (Tampere) were hosted four years later, in 2010. The last effort was the FINA Junior World Championships in Synchronised Swimming in 2014. Now we are turning our focus on the  European Junior Championships 2018.

The Helsinki organizing committee: Mr. Jani Rusi, chairman (board member of FSA), Mrs. Eerika Laalo-Häikiö (general secretary of FSA), Mr. Pekka Laitinen (CEO Mäkelänrinne swimming centre), Mr. Nipa Avén (manager of the swimming centre), Kurt Mikkola, honorary member of LEN, Mr. Ville Riekkinen (manager of the swimming competition), Mr. Jouni Seppänen (manager of the diving competition) and the General Manager of the competition Mr. Rolf Mikkola.

The Tampere organizing committee: Mr. Jari Räikkönen, chairman (Tampere Swimming Fund Raising Society), Mr. Samuli Liinpää (Board member of FSA), Mr. Pekka P. Paavola (Head of Tampere Sport department), Mr. Pekka Heinonen (Head of Tampere Sport facilities), Mrs. Tuula Paavola (Head of Tampere Swimming centre), Mrs. Kati Kukkonen (President of the Tampere Swimming Fund Raising Society) and Mrs. Maiju Ojala (Manager of the synchro competition)

Mr. Rolf Mikkola will work as the General Manager of the Championships. He will be happy to answer you any questions concerning the competitions and the arrangements.

We will continue to do our very best. Every effort is made to create the best of circumstances for an exciting competition and an enjoyable swimming sport events in Helsinki and Tampere.

On behalf of the federation, staff, volunteers, sponsors and everyone making efforts to ensure that your performances and achievements will be your very best at Helsinki, I wish you most warmly welcome.

Sami Wahlman

President, FSA

Jan Vapaavuori, Helsinki City Mayor


Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Aquatic Sports Friends,

Helsinki is a place where you can find different kinds of experiences and be impressed in everyday life. In the past few years, Helsinki has had the honour of arranging a broad range of high-class events in the fields of sports, culture and music. 

The City of Helsinki envisions to become the world’s best functioning city, where our everyday lives can be described as the most progressive in the world. We offer first-rate recreational opportunities within sports and culture and they are an integral part of this concept.

Well-functioning Helsinki is, above all, a place and a community where the city is partnering with diverse actors and operators who wish to develop Helsinki further. We invite our residents and visitors, together with the event organisers, to participate in the wide range of events. The opportunities in Helsinki are nearly unlimited thanks to the strong demand – the citizens of Helsinki do not only wish to participate in, but also to influence the variety of events and experiences organised in the city.

Once again, Helsinki sets the stage for international top sports, as Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre will be filled with European Junior Championships Athletes. The swimming and diving events will be arranged in Helsinki, while the City of Tampere will host the synchronised swimming events.

We feel honoured to welcome these highly performing young swimming and diving athletes to Helsinki. For the people of Helsinki and for the international incoming audience, it is even more fantastic to be able to enjoy the performances and the joy of sports.

On behalf of the City of Helsinki, I wish the athletes, team members and audience as well as all the organising bodies and volunteers memorable European Championships

I would like to warmly welcome you to Helsinki – the city of a multiplicity of experiences. Enjoy your stay!

Jan Vapaavuori

Lauri Lyly, Tampere City Mayor


Tampere - a visionary smart city

Warmly welcome to Tampere! We are one of the fastest growing cities in Finland. We have a reputation as a developing, innovative and culturally rich university city. And that we truly are. The story of Tampere is a success story. Conjoint efforts and spectacular collaboration are the key drivers behind the great story of Tampere. The city grew from a small village by the Tammerkoski rapids into the largest industrial city on the Nordic counties in the 19th century.

Tampere is the most desirable place to live, the most attractive city to visit and one of the leading innovation cities in in Finland, as shown by studies. We are proud of our know-how and expertise, especially when it comes to hosting events.

Tampere has a widespread culture for participating in and contributing to culture and sports. We are proud of our incredibly rich, accomplished and varied arts and sports scene. We have a long tradition of collaborating with both national and international sports and cultural event organizers. Furthermore, Tampere based sport clubs and national sport federations have actively arranged their events here, which has made Tampere widely known as the city of sports.

Every event we have had the honor to have in Tampere has influenced the regional economy as well as the image of the city positively. The most significant sports events have fortified the spirit of Tampere and its people and also strengthened our local identity as sport lovers.

Although, we have many spectacular things and on-going construction projects, it is the people who make the city together. Tampere is proud to have high quality services, diverse training and cultural programs and versatile solutions for housing and, moreover, a mindset supporting continues development of the city as well as smart living environment.

Tampere wants to be a pioneer in its environmental and climate objectives by promoting activities that aim to create a carbon neutral city. For example a modern tramway system has been designed for Tampere, and is already under construction. The main purpose is to meet the needs of the growing city and urban area.

Tampere is a mix of uniqueness. Our city offers a big city feeling while still having a sense of familiarity. Our long-term objective is to become a visionary model city that offers a variety of leisure activities, events and services. We are constructing many new things, a new Tram Way and the Central Deck above the tracks to house a multi-purpose arena, a hotel, and the city's tallest residential buildings. In addition, a new outdoor swimming pool will be opened by the end of the summer 2018. We assure you a visitation will be a worthwhile also in the future.

We have great talent pool but also a strong will to develop the city, its services and also its leisure activities and events together. We, people of Tampere, are true sports lovers. We urge and cheer our teams and athletes to performance their best with passion.

European Swimming Federation, LEN granted in October 2015 Finnish Swimming Association the European Junior Championships in swimming, diving and synchro to be held in the summer of 2018. LEN decided to divide the events between two innovative cities: Helsinki and Tampere. Of the three different aquatic events, Tampere will host the synchro championships. Finland has had the honor of hosting the same competition entity in 2010, also in Helsinki and Tampere.

Synchro competition will be held at Tampere Swimming Centre. Swimming and diving championships will, in their turn, be organized at the Swimming Hall in Helsinki. Finland, as selected partner, is a firm expression of trust to the Finnish knowledge in organizing international elite level competitions.

We all ought to be proud of our magnificent athletes and cheer in support of the athletes.

Lauri Lyly,
Mayor of Tampere


Mrs. Tiina Kivisaari, Director, Ministry of Education and Culture


The pool spirit in Finland 

Swimming is the most popular form of indoor exercise in Finland. The range of aquatic activities is wide starting with infant swimming to hydrobics continued with competitive swimming to waterpolo. We are lucky to have nearly 250 indoor swimming pools in our country. On yearly basis the total number of visitors to these pools is nearly 30 million, which is a remarkable achievement in a country with only 5.5 million people.

We prioritize the indoor swimming pools when budgeting for sport facilities. The money invested in building swimming facilities and maintaining their high utilization rate is a cost-effective way to administer public health care.

As a former competitive swimmer, I am very pleased that Finland has the opportunity to be once again the host for an international aquatic championship competition. Finnish Swimming Association has shown great skills in organizing a variety of international competitions. I know that we can await to excellent arrangements and well conducted events. The association has two important and reliable partners - namely the City of Helsinki and the City of Tampere, where several international aquatic events have taken place previously.

When our guests to the Junior European Championships arrive, they can enjoy the best period of our summer season. The summer days in Finland are filled with daylight. I hope that all visitors have time to explore Finnish nature and acquaint themselves with our culture.

It is my pleasure to wish the European swimmers, divers and synchronised swimmers as well as the team members, officials and supporters welcome to Finland.

See you in Finland in the summer of 2018

Tiina Kivisaari, Director

Ministry of Education and Culture