Helsinki: Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre

Mäkelänrinne Floorplan for Diving
Mäkelänrinne Floorplan for Swimming
Pekka Laitinen, CEO

Welcome to Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre – Again!

Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre will celebrate its 20th Anniversary in 2019. We were the first swimming centre in Finland to meet the international standards for all aquatic sport disciplines when we opened our doors in 1999. The centre is the most popular aquatic sports centre in Finland. In 2016 the total number of visits reached a magical number of 800.000 on yearly basis.

Since our opening we have been lucky to organize several international championships meets in our swimming centre. The first big international competition was the European Championships in year 2000. Our second big meet was the Short Course European Championships in swimming 2006 followed by the European Junior Championships in swimming and diving in 2010 and the first FINA championships, namely the FINA World Junior Championships in synchronised swimming 2014. Now we have the privilege to host the LEN European Junior Championships in Diving and Swimming 2018. We are very pleased to cooperate closely with the Finnish Swimming Association.

All kinds of aquatic fitness activities are very popular in Finland, them being the most popular of all the indoor sports. The clientele of Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre consist of customers of all ages, from infants to grandparents who enjoy themselves in the pleasant water world. Additionally, the centre offers various other services such as exercise for groups, a gym, a sports hall as well as different classes, fitness tests and sports activity fairs.

Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre welcomes you to Finland! We wish all the competitors, coaches, team delegates as well as all the spectators warmly welcome to Mäkelänrinne!


Urheiluhallit Oy

Pekka Laitinen, CEO


Mäkelänrinne Swimming centre


Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center as venue of competition

As Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center at Vallila district of Helsinki was opened to the public on the 10th of May 1999, Finlad received her first and largest indoor aquatics facility meeting international standards for prominent large-scale competitions.

Mäkelänrinne Swimming Center has a ten-lane 50-meter pool, a diving tower and a multipurpose- pool with hydrotherapy equipment. There are also a swim teaching pool and a toddlers pool.

In 2013 the swimming center had over 700,000 visits. This versatile sports facility will also provide an indoor sports hall for ball games, a fitness center, aerobics room and a café.

Coincidentally the Swimming Center has been designed by architect, Mrs. Marjatta Hara-Pietilä, who is a former European record holder in 800-meter freestyle.