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EJC Bulletin #1 Helsinki & Tampere 2018
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EJC Bulletin #2 Helsinki & Tampere 2018
Rolf Mikkola, General Manager EJC 2018

Dear Friends of Aquatic Sports,

We have the pleasure to arrange the European Junior Championships in three disciplines, namely Diving, Synchronised "Artistic" Swimming and Swimming. On this page you will find all necessary information for the teams participating. Do not hesitate to contact us in questions concerning the competitions. All forms of the competition will be found on these pages.

EJC 2018 office and team staff:

Rolf Mikkola, General Manager,, phone:+358 50 5555 505

Kirsi Yrjölä, Assistant,, phone: +358 40 6883 107

Jussi Salminen, Communications Manager

Veikko Ukkola, Transport Manager (Helsinki)

EJC 2018 Organizing Committees


Eerika Laalo Häikiö (Chairman and General Secretary FSA)
Pekka Laitinen (CEO Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre)
Nipa Avén (Director of  Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre)
Kurt Mikkola (LEN Honorary Member)
Ville Riekkinen (Director of the Swimming competition)
Jouni Seppänen (Director of the Diving competition)
Rolf Mikkola (EJC 2018 General Manager)
Kirsi Yrjölä (EJC 2018 Assistant)


Jari Räikkönen (Chairman)
Pekka P. Paavola (Sports Director, Tampere City)
Mikko Heinonen (Sports Manager, Tampere City)
Perttu Pesä (Visit Tampere CEO)
Kati Kukkonen (Tampere Fund Raising Society President)
Tuula Paavola (Venue Manager)
Maiju Ojala (Competition Manager)
Rolf Mikkola (EJC 2018 General Manager)
Kirsi Yrjölä (EJC 2018 Assistant)