Ice swimming has a plethora of health perks but that’s not the only reason why this curious field has gained popularity in the recent years. People who are from outside the Nordic region are absolutely fascinated of ice swimming. To imagine that people jump into icy water voluntarily! It’s a pure thrill to watch, especially for those who are from warmer climates.

That thrill is part of the reason why ice swimming has grabbed attention outside Finland and the Nordic countries. Many people love making their own personal predictions or bets on how long the competitors last in the icy waterhole. For that reason, ice swimming has made its way to the hearts of gambling enthusiasts who are now wondering if they could start making some bets in their favorite online casinos and sportsbook sites. You could also get a nice welcome bonus to go along with it.

Not there yet, but has definite potential

Ice swimming is not something you can find in online casinos and bookmakers at the moment – it’s still more of a narrow niche that’s praised by a smaller group of adrenaline fans.

However, betting on competitive swimming is already available in more advanced gambling sites (though, not nearly in all sportsbooks). Since swimming doesn’t garner that much public attention, most sportsbooks cover the main events like European Championships or the Olympics.

Today’s competitive swimming industry gives us a glance on what we could expect from betting on ice swimming. Swimming bets are pretty basic and simple: usually, you can bet on both the underdogs and clear favorites, betting on the outcome of that swimming race. Usually, you can bet on any swimmer.

Coming back to ice swimming bets, one could hope to see some more complex betting options like how long one particular competitor lasts in the water. This would add a massive thrill to the competition since you’d keep your fingers crossed for your chosen swimmer to last the longest.

Considering the current state of swimming bets at online gambling sites, it’s not likely to see ice swimming make its way to the hearts of hardcore bettors. However, it could definitely find some play among mid-range sports fans who’d like to have some fun. Ice swimming is no exact science and most likely, it’s very hard to actually predict the results accurately. Even the competitors might not be sure how long they’ll last in the ice water. It’s all about stamina, mental strength and years of practise. If the day should come when ice swimming is found widely in online sportsbooks, we’re sure it will provide tons of laughs and fun betting moments.

Fire and Ice

Below is winter themed slot machine.