Helsinki is the capital of Finland and the country’s biggest city, with a population of 588,000. It is the centre of Finnish business, education, culture and science. The city is home to eight universities and six science and technology parks. 70% of foreign enterprises operating in Finland have their headquarters in here. What's more, it’s one of the best cities for living in the world. We have gathered seven interesting facts that will convince you to visit Helsinki.



1. In 2012 a special dog pool opened its doors in the east of Helsinki. It’s suited for both beginners and professional swimmers. The service was so popular that the tickets were sold out prior to the opening ceremony. Swimming lessons for puppies are especially popular. However, a visit to the dog pool isn’t cheap. A half-hour lesson costs 18 to 30 Euros. Compare that to only 5 Euros an adult would pay to enter one of Helsinki’s oldest indoor pools.

2. Helsinki‘s population increases by 5-8 thousand people every year! Despite that, it is still one of the smallest European capitals.

3. The city is situated on the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland. It comprises 300 islands interconnected with many bridges. Water transport is widespread, and the city has more than 11,000 places to park your boat. There are also several dozen marinas where people leave their yachts for the wintertime.

4. Helsinki is the world’s coldest capital, with a yearly average temperature not exceeding 0 °C, and 51 days per year no sun can be seen in the sky. There are around 120 rainy days in the Finnish capital each year.

5. Helsinki covers a rather large territory – 686 m2. More than two-thirds of it are covered by the city, and the area of the mainland part of the city is only 186 m2.

6. Tap water comes straight from mountain springs via Päijännetunneli, the longest water tunnel in the world. The quality of water in Helsinki is so high that it is exported to other countries. For example, Saudi Arabia for many years now has been buying drinking water from the Finnish capital.

7. In winter, there is absolutely no snow on the sidewalks and boulevards of central Helsinki. The city government heats the granite slabs from underground, so the snow and ice immediately melt.


You can easily get around in Helsinki by city bike. You just have to register in HSL webpage, pay 5€ / 10€ or 30€ and you are good to go.

City bikes are shared-use bicycles that can be borrowed for a fee by anyone in central Helsinki, southern Espoo and Leppävaara, residents and visitors alike. In summer 2018, there are 2 550 yellow bikes in 150 locations around Helsinki and 105 bike stations in Espoo.

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Yellow city bikes in Helsinki
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