Coldwater swimming is recently gaining a lot of popularity, and with many suggesting positive impacts on the body, the craze is not fading soon. Studies have brought in many health benefits which include things like better heart health. There are other ways one can benefit from cold water swimming which includes:

Boosting your immunity

The effects of cold water on the immune system is something which has been extensively studied. The cold water helps one to have a boost in white blood cell count as it forces your body to react in changing conditions. You body can become better and can help activate its defences against free radicals and foreign bodies.

It gives you the natural high

Coldwater swimming activates endorphins as the chemicals is something that the brain produces, which makes one feel good. Coldwater swimming is a form of exercise which can help one treat depression. Coldwater swimming can bring us closer to the pain barrier, which can help one cope with it.

It improves circulation

Coldwater swimming flushes your veins and arteries. Coldwater forces the blood to the surface and helps warm our extremities which can help you get adapted to the cold.

Increases your libido

Coldwater was traditionally seen to repress sexual urges, but the fact is far from this. The cold water helps increase libido as it boosts oestrogen and testosterone production, which can add to the increased libido. The benefits of increased libido, which increases confidence, higher self-esteem and also enhanced mood.

It burns calories

In cold water, you heart will pump blood faster, and your body will work harder to bring back your enhanced mood. The more the calories are burned during the cold water swimming than the warm water swimming conditions. It is a fact that cold water decreases your body temperature and can allow your body to act fast.

It reduces stress

 Cold Water Swimming

Coldwater swimming places stress on the body physically and mentally, which has had a link between cold water and stress reduction. Coldwater swimmers become more calmer and relaxed after their swim, which can help you have a refreshing effect.

It is one of the great ways of socialising

Coldwater swimmers can help you build a community. This allows one to learn from everyone’s experience. This is one way to bring people together and like facing certain challenges which can help one with the experience as the group. There are many ongoing studies when it comes to the effects of cold water swimming and menopause. There is no positive effect or negative one proven which can help one socialise or do the exercise which can improve general health and wellbeing.