Meet the Ambassadors!


The ambassadors of the European Junior Championships shined at the Mäkelänrinne swimming centre in Helsinki at the end of January. Hanna-Maria Seppälä and Kimmo Ohtonen met for the first time and the meeting was warm-hearted. Both of them are seriously part of this project.

Hanna-Maria finds clear signs of success in Finnish Swimming. Kimmo is pleased that aquatics and nature protection are in co-operation. The fact is that the Ringed Seal is one of the endangered animals in Finland.

Medallist from Moscow and Dunkerque

Hanna-Maria has been busy after her career as a top level swimmer. Her own company deals with people’s welfare and mentoring young athletes. She gets plenty of invitations to different sport events.

Most of us remember her as the first Finnish female swimmer to reach a World Champion title in Barcelona in 2003. She also has several European Junior medals from 1999 in Moscow and 2000 in Dunkerque.

Sure she is still in fit and racing occasionally. This year she will try also the half distance of triathlon!

From chilly waters of Lake Saimaa

Kimmo´s merit is Ringed Seal Swim -project (Norppauinti). He swam across lake Saimaa (130 km) in 2012 raising more than 140.000 euros for the protection of the Ringed Seal.

Kimmo has made several documents about nature from all over the world. During this winter Kimmo has been focused with writing a novel, that will be published during this spring.

During the meeting a challenge was thrown. The challenge will be published during their next meeting at the end of March.