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extreme cold water swimming

Try out a new hobby of swimming at extremely low temperatures and train your body for ice-cold water.

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Here is a list of our best ice swimmers and coaches who have accomplished several records and challenges of swimming in the extreme temperatures.

Robert B. Moore

Robert B. Moore

Ice Miles: 2

Professional ice swimming coach with the longest ice swimming record in one stretch.

Timothy M. Downing

Timothy M. Downing

Ice Miles: 1

A dedicated ice swimming athlete with records of swimming in the coldest terrains around the world.

Sherry A. Baldwin

Sherry A. Baldwin

Ice Miles: 1

A professional ice swimmer with most extended times recorded in the water in the ice swimming events.



Marie W. Perron

Thank you for providing such a great platform for ice swimming. The camp has everything for the best training and workshop sessions.



Ice Swimming: The New “IT” Thing in Online Gambling?

Ice Swimming: The New “IT” Thing in Online Gambling?

Ice swimming has a plethora of health perks but that’s not the only reason why this curious field has gained popularity in the recent years. People who are from outside the Nordic region are absolutely fascinated of ice swimming. To imagine that people jump into icy water voluntarily! It’s a pure thrill to watch, especially for those who are from warmer climates.

That thrill is part of the reason why ice swimming has grabbed attention outside Finland and the Nordic countries. Many people love making their own personal predictions or bets on how long the competitors last in the icy waterhole. For that reason, ice swimming has made its way to the hearts of gambling enthusiasts who are now wondering if they could start making some bets in their favorite online casinos and sportsbook sites. You could also get a nice welcome bonus to go along with it.

Not there yet, but has definite potential

Ice swimming is not something you can find in online casinos and bookmakers at the moment – it’s still more of a narrow niche that’s praised by a smaller group of adrenaline fans.

However, betting on competitive swimming is already available in more advanced gambling sites (though, not nearly in all sportsbooks). Since swimming doesn’t garner that much public attention, most sportsbooks cover the main events like European Championships or the Olympics.

Today’s competitive swimming industry gives us a glance on what we could expect from betting on ice swimming. Swimming bets are pretty basic and simple: usually, you can bet on both the underdogs and clear favorites, betting on the outcome of that swimming race. Usually, you can bet on any swimmer.

Coming back to ice swimming bets, one could hope to see some more complex betting options like how long one particular competitor lasts in the water. This would add a massive thrill to the competition since you’d keep your fingers crossed for your chosen swimmer to last the longest.

Considering the current state of swimming bets at online gambling sites, it’s not likely to see ice swimming make its way to the hearts of hardcore bettors. However, it could definitely find some play among mid-range sports fans who’d like to have some fun. Ice swimming is no exact science and most likely, it’s very hard to actually predict the results accurately. Even the competitors might not be sure how long they’ll last in the ice water. It’s all about stamina, mental strength and years of practise. If the day should come when ice swimming is found widely in online sportsbooks, we’re sure it will provide tons of laughs and fun betting moments.

Fire and Ice

Below is winter themed slot machine.

Benefits Of Cold Water Swimming

Benefits Of Cold Water Swimming

Coldwater swimming is recently gaining a lot of popularity, and with many suggesting positive impacts on the body, the craze is not fading soon. Studies have brought in many health benefits which include things like better heart health. There are other ways one can benefit from cold water swimming which includes:

Boosting your immunity

The effects of cold water on the immune system is something which has been extensively studied. The cold water helps one to have a boost in white blood cell count as it forces your body to react in changing conditions. You body can become better and can help activate its defences against free radicals and foreign bodies.

It gives you the natural high

Coldwater swimming activates endorphins as the chemicals is something that the brain produces, which makes one feel good. Coldwater swimming is a form of exercise which can help one treat depression. Coldwater swimming can bring us closer to the pain barrier, which can help one cope with it.

It improves circulation

Coldwater swimming flushes your veins and arteries. Coldwater forces the blood to the surface and helps warm our extremities which can help you get adapted to the cold.

Increases your libido

Coldwater was traditionally seen to repress sexual urges, but the fact is far from this. The cold water helps increase libido as it boosts oestrogen and testosterone production, which can add to the increased libido. The benefits of increased libido, which increases confidence, higher self-esteem and also enhanced mood.

It burns calories

In cold water, you heart will pump blood faster, and your body will work harder to bring back your enhanced mood. The more the calories are burned during the cold water swimming than the warm water swimming conditions. It is a fact that cold water decreases your body temperature and can allow your body to act fast.

It reduces stress

 Cold Water Swimming

Coldwater swimming places stress on the body physically and mentally, which has had a link between cold water and stress reduction. Coldwater swimmers become more calmer and relaxed after their swim, which can help you have a refreshing effect.

It is one of the great ways of socialising

Coldwater swimmers can help you build a community. This allows one to learn from everyone’s experience. This is one way to bring people together and like facing certain challenges which can help one with the experience as the group. There are many ongoing studies when it comes to the effects of cold water swimming and menopause. There is no positive effect or negative one proven which can help one socialise or do the exercise which can improve general health and wellbeing.

Why People Are Swimming In Freezing Cold Water

Why People Are Swimming In Freezing Cold Water

Cold water swimming is nothing but the act of swimming in a pool, lake or other cold water bodies. People are loving the experience of swimming in cold water. This might have been due to the health benefits and also the stress relief one can experience during this time. In this article, we are going to be learning about the reasons people are swimming in freezing cold water.

It helps your immunity


This is one of the most studies parts of cold water swimming where it was noticed that people have a boost of white blood cells which forced the body to react to the changing conditions. Over time, your body becomes very mobilised to the freezing water. There are many people who are participating in cold water which has helped them become less sick.

Helps with stress

The whole point of cold water swimming is to feel the sensation of the cold water touching your skin. This is one of the best ways to destress your mind and body. This helps one reduce the stress and allow you to feel better. This is one of the most optimal ways to stay resilient in stressful times which is one of the main reason it is known. Cold water swimming places some sort of stress on the body, which physically and mentally can be healing in many ways. There are many links which link cold water and stress reduction to have a more natural, calmer and relaxed effect.

It helps with burning calories

When in cold water, the heart has to work harder to keep everything warm, which overall burns more calories than swimming in hotter conditions. The idea is that when you are submerged in cold water your body temperature falls and the person has to act to keep the body cold which can allow the body to act and can have very cold swimming temperatures. This is one of the main reasons that you will notice that all of the swimmers are generally very thin.

Enhances your blood circulation

Woman swimming

Cold water swimming is one of the best ways to flush your veins, arteries and capillaries. It forces the blood to the surface and pushes the cold downwards. It helps warm extremities which can adapt us to the cold. This is an essential trick which will ensure that people can better cope with during harsh winters. The seasons become less of a health risk and more enjoyable.


It is a very notion that cold water can help increase libido. The cold water caused a dip and later boosted the estrogen and testosterone production, which helps one feel much more confident in one’s own skin. Also, there are many studies being conducted which can allow one to link cold water swimming to fertility.

Tips For The Female Swimmer

Tips For The Female Swimmer

Swimming a very strenuous exercise which can lead to a player becoming weak. A female swimmer has a lot to take care of from shaving to judging eyes. Swimming is not an easy world for a female swimmer. There is a lot of things to keep in mind when you are female swimmer from grooming to taking the right breaks. Here are some tips to help female swimmers bring the best.

Get ready faster

One of the first problems a female swimmer has to face is dry skin. It is important that you slather yourself in the lotion, which can help reverse the dull and lifeless skin, which is caused by the chlorine in the water. One of the first things you can do is slather on a liberal amount of moisturiser on your body. You can also apply foundation or concealer to help cover up the goggle marks on under eye to help with the discolouration.

Bleach leg hair

This might sound a bit strange, but when you are in the middle of the season. It is much more quickly to get rid of the colour of the hair than to get rid of the hair itself. It is easy, relatively cheap and well as makes the hair look less noticeable.


Boots are some of the best ways to hide the discolouration in your body, which can be caused by the intense workout. Boots is one of the best ways to ensure that you have access to some of the extra cardio at the local gym and knee-high socks to help have a cute covering for you.

Put a leave-in conditioner before practice

One of the most noticeable damage on can see on their face is the hair damage. Chlorine can have adverse effects on the skin. One of the most easiest ways to ensure that you have the right treatment is by making sure that you have a leave-in conditioner on. This is one of the best ways to ensure that you have less dangly hairs and well-hydrated skin.

Eyebrow care


Most often than not you can see that your eyebrow products just go down the window when swimming one of the best ways to ensure that you have brow which stays is to make sure that you put some amount of vaseline on your eyebrows to make it appear thick. Pencil in brows can frame your face, which can help show the most natural-looking brow. Make sure that you practice in ways to keep your eyebrows safe. Find a pencil which will ensure that you have access to some of the best brow even in water.

Ice Swimming In Finland: Is That Why It’s The Happiest Country In The World

Ice Swimming In Finland: Is That Why It’s The Happiest Country In The World

Winter Swimming in Finland is one of the best ways to ensure that you are experiencing everything well. The fresh air and breathtaking natural beauty have sustained one to keep a happy outdoorsy attitude. When one visits Finland, there are many things that you will notice which makes the place one of the most happiest places in the world. We are going to be discussing some of the main reasons for the same.

Start your day with a cold shower


The Finnish like to shower with cold water. Winter swimming is probably one of the most popular activities in Finland. There are many spas built around ice swimming. It is a very stylish facility where one can be seen in underwater life in low lighting. There are many citizens who prefer to take the plunge in the old fashioned manner. The idea of diving headfirst into freezing water can provide you with a huge rush.


Finns love their books were the world’s most literate nation in 2016. The citizens continue to use public libraries. One of the most famous Finnish literary icons was Moomin, a white hippo-like creature which was created by Tove Jansson. It is still the countries identity which is also advertised in family-oriented travel services. You can find the character in almost every museum, and you can also order the books outside one series.

Visit the forest from your couch

The term forest bathing is basically an experiencing forest through slow movements where one can focus on the senses. The Finnish believe that their souls are linked to the forest and its magical elements which provided for them relief from high cortisol, blood pressure, heart rates. All you have to do is live in the preset and replicate the sensory part of the whole experience at home.

Bake cinnamon buns

Bake cinnamon buns

another beloved tradition in Finland is the coffee break which is better than visiting any star bucks. Finnish try to take their time and get themselves a very hot and sweet treat. This is one sweet which can bring a smile to anyone face. They make cinnamon buns with a little bit of cardamom and top it with thick granulated pearl sugar. This is one dessert which is served in all of the cafes in Finland.

Take a virtual museum tour

Finland is a place where contemporary art is thriving where there are many experimental installations in the galleries and museums. There are more than 55 art museums scattered throughout the country. Even with the sparse population, it is one of the most dynamic places to witness art and nature.

Finnish Winter Swimming Championships

Finnish Winter Swimming Championships

Winter swimming is one of the biggest events when it comes to Finnish Winter Swimming Championship. It is one of the biggest events which can allow you to enjoy some of the best flagship competition. Anywhere from 1,200 participations can be witnessed and officials try to make sure that they are maintaining the procedure. Most of the times, there were people who were constantly typing fish the ice cubes from the edge of the pool to keep everything in check as to no one gets hurt.

This is a big chance which allows one to have a good training swims which allows one to work in accordance with the standards which can often feel cold for the rest of the day. The cold is something which can make it seem like you are freezing from inside, but there is nothing that a warm shower cannot fix.


There is raging adrenaline when in the competition which can make everything feel easy at first. Winter swimming is serious sports whee people despite the fact that their efforts can lose. The winners cannot be said as there are chances that the last season’s winners might lose or the newcomers might win. The simple mantra to be followed is that when you hit the water just start swimming as fast as you can get out of the water. There is always hot bath ready which will warn you up instantly and will not lead to hypothermia.

Regular practice of getting your self submerged in cold water can help you build some resistance. When you try to immerse yourself in this environment, you will be able to see that you feel more connected. This is one of the best reason to enjoy cold water swimming, especially when you are looking for a sense of cold water swim.


Today, there are many campaigns which are being held to help increase ice swimming as the winter Olympic events. Ice water swimming is an experience which can allow one to have very thrilling and almost superhuman feats which can help one endure the pain and get through with it. For top-level people, there are thrilling and almost superhuman feats of endurance. At the lowest level, it is very accessible to all ages, shapes and sizes. There are many few barriers which can allow one to have one the right growing numbers when growing in cold festivals which dips over Christmas and new years.

It is important that you can get yourself trained if you are interested in the Finnish Winter Swimming Championship which can allow one to have the right kind of training to work your body into the game. Make sure that you understand the whole game before going ahead.